Mechanical Robots! and People who really care!

Its a fairly strange insight to notice how there are two types of people in the servicing industry- Mechanical Robots and People who really care. At one level you can put your faith in someone and expect basic levels of conceptualization packaged with the ability to create something unique. But at another level, I was shocked to notice how that same expectation is now moving in a direction where majority of individuals would pick up something they did in the past, replicate it and present the same thing with no thought or conceptualization put in play.

I think there are people out there who really care and have a mysterious ability to give amazing experiences as well as use both sides of the brain very effectively. I also think that fate has a funny role to play when you intend to be someone like this. It will automatically bind you and reveal individuals who have a very similar intent and value add.

I’am definitely inspired by the latter and hope to actually create an experience design enterprise based on this simple observation.

Abhimanyu Tewari