Brands and Super Heroes

Have you ever spent some time to analyse your perception and impression of a Super Hero. The underlying fact remains that you will always trust a super hero to deliver miraculously. Can organizations and their respective brands build a super hero like perception of themselves?

This is a strange but interesting pattern of thought that struck me a few days ago while sitting and having a few interesting conversations with a close friend. However subjective could be highly inspiring for a large number of organizations operating within the servicing sphere. Here are some of the key elements that a super hero builds his brand around:

  • Miracles: The way a super hero operates has always got something to do with miraculously showing up in a time of need and saving the day.
  • Purpose: Any and every super hero has a story, background and a clearly laid down path which he/she will always follow and so will all their stories.
  • Timing: They will always appear at the right time just before everything is meant to be destroyed or brought down.
  • Heroic Figure: The physical evidence of most super heroes is super strength, presence of mind, street smartness and speed.
  • Winner: A super hero is a true winner in every way. He will always prevail over evil and win the battles he is fighting.
  • Trust: There is a very powerful pattern of trust and unconditional love for a super hero.
  • Recall: The inspiration and strength a super hero inspires is always thought of or remembered in times of a challenge.

I do wonder if there are many organizations out there with a similar perception out there yet or not?

Abhimanyu Tewari

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