Are you getting your daily dose of…

Manipulation -the word has been stuck with me since my college days, not like I din’t know the meaning earlier but I experienced or actually realized that it is so prevalent in our day to day activities during college. I have seen all kind of adjectives added to negate the negative connotation that the world has  – positive manipulation, one time manipulation, productive manipulation (ever used or heard one of these)

Frankly I don’t understand the ‘shuh shah’ around it, isn’t everyone manipulating everyone in some regard any which way. The marketer with his advertisements to the consumers, vegetables and fruits vendor in the colony when dealing with their customer (why do we have to bargain so much then), friends when dealing with each other and in recent times the crowd at ExCel Arena have been getting the better of referees in the boxing ring or at least that’s what the Indian boxing contingent think. Well they have been handed the short end of the stick in some cases and I guess that has taken a toll at other’s as well. The boxing contingent went into the Olympics with high hopes, great preparation and athletes who had proven themselves at international level and Mary Kom’s medal seems to be the only ‘bronze’ lining in an otherwise below par performances by the Indian pugilists. I will remember the boxing competition for the fighting spirit shown by young Devendroo Singh, dubious decisions handed over to Vikas Krishnan (,-CAS-rejects-India’s-appeal/articleshow/15376244.cms) and Manoj Kumar ( and of course, the 5 time world champion, Olympic  bronze medallist and mother of two- Mary Kom.

I read this somewhere about manipulation, from the point of view of business –“In the short run, it’s easy. It’s easy to fool someone or lie to them or give them what they think they want.”  That’s very true and the easy way out might take you several steps ahead in the short term but pushes you even more back in the long term.  At Phaze, we want to take the road less travelled. Our intention is to try to work towards profitable long-term relationships that lead to satisfaction, trust and work which leaves a smile on different people’s faces.

P.S Hoping for a good performance by the Indian wrestlers at London. Let’s get that Gold!

Mannan Abrol

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