Step by step approach, one last step to scale, one last step to success. Three simple things always buckling at the back of an entrepreneurs head. And then comes a sudden extra 20 kg’s of weight added to the same buckle playing the usual devils advocate and asking you What step to take now?

We may not be as usual as any start up given the work done and heritage built in the last 7 months of our existence but now its reached a stage where the big questions gets highlighted almost everyday. So once a start up has acquired basic credibility and a fairly good operating budget, what is the next big step to take. Is it a bigger step to hire or build an even wider range of services which encapsulate an end to end solution or is it to keep going the way we’re going.

For the bigger accidental billionaires, the next step was a highly risky and one crazy step that took to quickly scale up and emerge into their respective competitive scenarios. So what could be that next step for our Perception & Experience Design Company today?


Abhimanyu Tewari

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