Living in another world in Delhi!

The last 2 weeks there have been 6 days that I have felt I have been taken to another world in Delhi. We have all heard about  this area before but I don’t know how many have actually visited the interiors of it – Badarpur anyone! That is where the violet line of the Delhi Metro ends by the way! Well I had to visit this area for an activation for Vitingo – an orange flavoured vitamin drink that is distributed by our clients Project Dharma (

The first thing that hit me was the sheer size of the area, I never knew that Badarpur is hugeeeee! to say the least. There are areas inside it like Meethapur, Molarband and Sai Nagar which  have a population of over 15 lakhs. Another thing that I got to know and was surprising (in a good way) was that people other than their basic Roti , Kapda and Makan did not have shortage of electricity and  water in that area. This considering that so many of my friends in Gurgaon have a problem with these amenities but then I guess the major population being blue collared employees and daily wage earners do count as a major vote bank for the politicians.

Past two weeks have been an intense experience for me and my team conducting these activations. It’s given me an understanding and experience of how to sell in Hindi and I never thought that it would be so tough, what a retailer would think before keeping a certain product at his shop and I’m guessing some considerations would be very similar in the colonies we live in, the conditions that our maids or drivers live in and how we can help them. This experience becomes even more interesting and fun because of the Student Ambassadors that are helping us to conduct these activities. It’s great to see them take out time from their regular life and volunteer towards impacting the society at the base of the pyramid/

A friend who I was discussing this project with said, what you are doing seems very similar to what an MBA from an IIM would do if he joined an FMCG company in his 1st 3 months. Well I would like to believe that and also hope it serves as a great experience for our ambassadors.

Mannan Abrol