5 things to think about if Entrepreneurship is your next best choice!

There are many things people think before taking the big step. So here’s a few from our 3 years of this crazy journey:


Every reason that makes you do things, that makes you be who you are, that makes you think and re-think comes into play here. Your reason to be an entrepreneur should convince you every time you think about the “why?”.

Our reasons to do this range from “Proving a point!” all the way to “This is it and nothing else matters”

Reasons are important because no matter the journey, you are always convinced to stick to this decision and make things happen.


Majority of Entrepreneurs thrive on an eco system either created by them on their own or somethings that gets handed over to them over a period of time. Your eco system is not just a medium to get your work done or generate revenue but a bigger reality that defines who you are as a person. This reality will impact your working style, leadership methods, product innovation, network strength and above all how you choose to live your life.

Think about the eco-system you already have around you if you were to enter a certain industry.

Our Eco System represents a large number of friends turned entrepreneurs/clients/vendors who live as one big happy family making sure everyone is always motivated and happy.


We feel this to be the most important of all things to think about. On a personal front, you’re partner will either compliment you or oppose you. On a professional front, your partner will either always work with you or do his/her own thing. Different business models require different combinations. There is no wrong or right combination here, but the most important thing to think about is the one person you want should walk with you for the rest of your life.

At Phaze Experience, we are a strange lot. Everyone is a close friend and well wisher. On professional fronts, we do what we love, we work together when we want, we wander off to distant lands by ourselves but we all know we are in it for life!


“Imagine, you’re lost in a forest. Predators out to get you everywhere, every step you take makes you feel even more lost, the days are extremely hot and nights are extremely cold, you have no water or food around you.”

How strong is your will to fight back!

Once you’re an entrepreneur, life will take you on broken roads to many beautiful destinations. Your instincts are your strongest weapons and this is a very challenging journey.


I read somewhere the best tactic in war is to “Keep quiet, stand back and observe everything, strike when ready!”

Wishing you all the very best! Go and kill it!

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